Why is it so hard to break a habit?

Why is it so hard to break a habit?

Here are 4 reasons it’s so hard to break a habit:

1. Your current behavior has benefits.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, your current behavior has benefits. Breaking a habit requires you to give up these benefits.

One benefit of continuing your current behavior might include staying in your comfort zone where it feels easy and safe. You can avoid the anxiety, doubt, and frustration associated with trying to change behavior.

2. It takes continuous energy.

It takes constant mental, emotional, and physical energy to intentionally change your behavior.

Breaking a habit is like learning to write again…with the opposite hand.

3. It’s easier to live on autopilot.

A habit is a habit for a reason. You’ve repeated something so many times, it has become almost involuntary.

“The easier it is to do, the harder it is to change.” ~ Eng’s Principle
4. You may have done something 14,600 times.

Let’s say you’ve had dessert every night after dinner for the past 10 years.

Here’s the math:

10 years x 365 days/year = 3,650 desserts after dinner

No wonder it’s so hard to give up dessert after dinner! That’s what you’ve done the past 3,650 nights! The second you put your fork down, you’re craving dessert.

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