Why do people sabotage my weight loss efforts?

Why do people sabotage my weight loss efforts?

Here are 5 reasons people may sabotage your weight loss efforts:

1.  They feel guilty.

A friend or family member might feel guilty:

  • being inactive if they know you are out exercising. They felt better about themselves when they knew you were also being inactive.
  • eating a particular meal at a restaurant if you are eating something healthier. They felt better in the past when you ordered something unhealthy with them.

2.  They miss their ‘partner in crime’

Your friends might not want lose their Friday night ‘all-you-can-eat pizza buddy’, or ‘vent over ice cream friend’. They miss the ‘old you’ and the things you used to do together before you started trying to lose weight.

Your friends might be wondering “Who will I do these things with now?”

3.  They feel abandoned

A family member might feel left out or abandoned if you are spending the evening at the gym when you used to spend it with them at home. They may start to resent your gym time.

4.  They feel threatened.

  • Your friends might be afraid you won’t have anything in common anymore and fear that you’ll find new friends to hang out with.
  • A significant other might be afraid you’ll no longer be interested in him/her, or fear that you will no longer find him/her attractive once you lose weight.

5.  They don’t understand

Some people might not understand how hard it is to lose weight or how hard it is to make healthy choices in the face of certain temptations.

Your friends and family may not even realize that their comments and actions are making your weight loss efforts harder.

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