Why Americans are unsuccessful at losing weight

Why Americans are unsuccessful at losing weight

8 reasons (self-reported) Americans don’t reach their goal weight:

According to the Calorie Control Council National Consumer Survey (2010), 54% of Americans are “trying to lose weight”. (More diet statistics)

Here are the self-reported reasons they are not successful at losing their desired amount of weight:

69% don’t get enough exercise

62% think their metabolism is slowing down

Strength training can help you maintain your muscle mass and resting metabolism.

Adults who do not exercise and strength training regularly lose approximately 5 pounds of muscle and experience a 5% decrease in their resting metabolism every decade. (#1 reason to strength train)

52% snack too much

50% don’t have enough self-discipline

49% often overindulge in their favorite foods

41% often eat for emotional reasons

38% often overeat during meals

Eating slower can help you eat less and enjoy your food.

33% have trouble with healthy eating at restaurants

Americans generally use one of 13 methods to “try to lose weight”; some are successful and others are not. Here are 10 proven strategies to lose weight and keep it off, from those who have successfully done it.

Calorie Control Council National Consumer Survey, 2010 (

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