5 things you must know about motivation

5 things you must know about motivation

Motivation needs to be created; it doesn’t just happen.

1. Motivation doesn’t just happen

Motivation needs to be created. Continuously remind yourself why you want to lose weight in the first place.

2. Motivation often follows behavior

Many people wait for motivation to start making changes to their lifestyle. However, motivation often follows making successful changes.

Making one small change to your lifestyle (such as adding one minute of movement to your daily activities) can create a sense of pride, increased confidence, and motivation to make more small changes.

3. Motivation is not constant

One day you might feel motivated to do something; the next day you might not.

In my e-book Permanent Weight Loss 101, I use the following analogy:
“Just as you would make regular stops to fill up your gas tank on a long road trip, it’s important to fill up your ‘motivation tank’ on your journey to permanent weight loss.”

4. Motivation can be positive or negative

  • Positive motivation generally means taking action to achieve something (weight loss, better sleep, more energy, etc.).
  • Negative motivation generally means taking action to avoid something (taking medication,developing Type 2 diabetes, having a heart attack, etc.).

5. Motivation is individual

What motivates one person to make positive changes to their eating and exercise habits doesn’t necessarily motivate another.

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