What motivates people to stick with an exercise program?

What motivates people to stick with an exercise program?

Confidence, benefits, positive feedback, support, and convenience.

1. Confidence

People who believe they can stick to an exercise program are typically the ones that do.

2. Benefits

People who exercise consistently experience and appreciate the benefits of exercise and want to enjoy a better quality of life.

They also have realistic expectations and know it may take months to achieve certain benefits. How fast can I expect to lose weight?

3. Positive feedback

Consistent exercisers generally receive positive feedback from others in regards to their success.

4. Support

Successful exercisers receive encouragement from a close friends, family member, and/or significant other to continue their exercise.

5. Convenience

Consistent exercisers are satisfied with the facility they exercise at, find it convenient, and find the equipment user-friendly.

Source: Trost, S.G., Owen, N., Bauman, A.E., Sallis, J.F. and Brown, W. (2002). Correlates of Adults’ Participation in Physical Activity: Review and Update. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 34(12), 1996-2001.

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