What is the right way to breathe during a sit-up/crunch?

What is the right way to breathe during a sit-up/crunch?

Exhale as you lift. Inhale as you lower.

Exhale as you lift

Exhale when a sit-up/crunch is the toughest:

  • A sit-up is toughest when you’re lifting your upper body away from the floor (mat, ball, bench, etc.), because you are working against gravity.
  • Start exhaling at the beginning of your sit-up/crunch.

Inhale as you lower

Inhale when a sit-up/crunch is the easiest:

  • A sit-up is easier as you lower yourself back down to the floor (mat, ball, bench, etc.) because you are working with gravity.
  • Inhale as you return back to your starting position.

The proper way to breathe takes practice and may not feel natural at first. The most important thing is that you are breathing in general. Holding your breath can cause a rapid rise in your heart rate and blood pressure.

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