What is the best body fat scale?

What is the best body fat scale?

The best body fat scale has upper and lower body sensors.

The most accurate scale will have sensors for your hands and feet to estimate the amount of fat in your entire body.  An example is the Omron full body sensor body fat monitor. It has two sensors for your hands and four sensors for your feet.

CAUTION: DO NOT USE BODY FAT SCALES IF YOU HAVE AN IMPLANTED MEDICAL DEVICE SUCH AS A PACEMAKER. Body fat scales work by passing a small electric current through your body.

Other body fat scales only have sensors for your feet. This means they:

  • estimate the amount of fat in your lower body.
  • assume your body fat is evenly distributed.

The problem with this assumption is that body fat isn’t always evenly distributed; many people carry more body fat in either their upper body or their lower body.

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