What is normal blood pressure?

What is normal blood pressure?

There are 4 different categories of blood pressure:

Normal (optimal) blood pressure

  • Top number (systolic): less than 120 AND
  • Bottom number (diastolic): less than 80


  • Top number: 120-139 OR
  • Bottom number: 80-89

Prehypertension is a category of individuals who are likely to develop high blood pressure. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can slow the progression of or prevent this.

Mild high blood pressure (called stage 1 hypertension)

  • Top number: 140-159 OR
  • Bottom number: 90-99

Moderate to severe high blood pressure (called stage 2 hypertension)

  • Top number: 160 or higher OR
  • Bottom number: 100 or higher

Blood pressure recommendations may vary depending on your current health conditions, risk factors for heart disease and stroke, and if you’re currently taking medication to improve your blood pressure.

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