Top 5 words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Top 5 words to eliminate from your vocabulary

Try, willpower, diet, should, and good

1. Try

The word “try” isn’t a strong or convincing word. If you say you’re going to “try” to do something, most likely you’re not going to do it.

Commit to doing only what is realistic and replace the words “I’ll try” with “I will“.

2. Willpower

Weight loss is not about will power. It’s about commitment.

Commit to:

  • Learning about the behavior you want to change and what triggers it.
  • Changing your environment, routines, and thoughts in order to change your behavior.
  • Making small, gradual, and permanent changes to your lifestyle.
“Willpower can produce short-term change, but it creates constant internal stress because you haven’t dealt with the root cause.” ~Rick Warren
3. Diet

If the word diet makes you cringe, and you associate it with feeling deprived, don’t use it.

Replace the word diet with the words such as food, meals, snacks, etc.

4. Should

Replace the words “I should” with “I choose”.
Do something because you want to and choose to, not because you think you should.

5. Good/Bad

The words good and bad aren’t meant to describe your food, exercise, or behavior.

Call it like it is:

  • If you ate four donuts, you ate four donuts. You weren’t “bad”.
  • If you ate a salad for lunch, you ate a salad for lunch. You weren’t “good”.

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