Top 5 weight loss ad strategies

Top 5 weight loss ad strategies

Testimonials, fast and guaranteed results, all-natural products, and photos

The only purpose of a weight loss ad is to convince you and others to buy a product so that the manufacturer can make a profit. Here are 5 strategies used in weight loss ads:

1. Testimonials

65% of weight loss ads use testimonials to convince you that people “just like you” used the product and achieved dramatic weight loss results.

Testimonial disclaimers often read “Results not typical.”  Disclaimers may also read “Individuals have been remunerated.” which means they were paid for their testimonial.

2. Fast results

57% of weight loss adds promise “fast results”.

3. Guaranteed results

52% of weight loss ads promote “guaranteed” results…usually in the form of a money back guarantee.

4. All natural

44% of weight loss ads claim their product is “all natural”.

Marketers of weight loss supplements do not have to prove to you or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that claims about their product are accurate or truthful.

5. Before and after pictures

42% of weight loss ads show “before and after” photos.

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