Top 5 types of physical activity

Top 5 types of physical activity

Increase all 5 types of activity to lose weight for good.

There are five types of physical activity: structured, leisure, occupational, household, and commuting physical activity. To achieve permanent weight loss, increase the amount of physical activity (all five types) you get each day.

1. Structured exercise

This is physical activity you purposefully plan to achieve a particular goal. For example, walking on the treadmill, taking water aerobics classes, or doing any other type of exercise to lose weight.

Aerobic exercise and strength training are equally important when it comes to losing fat, maintaining muscle, and losing weight for good.

2. Leisure time physical activity

This is physical activity you get outside of work and home. For example:

  • Dancing at a social event
  • Walking around the mall
  • Running errands

Here are some easy ways to be more active when running errands and when traveling.

3. Occupational physical activity

This is physical activity you get on the job. For example:

4. Household physical activity

This is physical activity you get at home. For example:

5. Commuting physical activity

Activity you get traveling to and from work. For example:

  • Walking to a bus or subway station
  • Biking to work

Wearing a pedometer is an easy way to see just how active you, and measure increases in your level of physical activity.

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