Top 5 tips for your first group exercise class

Top 5 tips for your first group exercise class

Arrive early, talk to the instructor, listen to your body, invite a friend, stay positive

1. Arrive early

Arrive early to ensure you get the spot you want and feel comfortable in for class. Be sure you have time to go to the bathroom, fill up your water, etc.

Arriving early will also hopefully help calm your nerves, and give you time to talk to the instructor before class (See #2).

2. Talk to the instructor

Introduce yourself to the instructor before class, and let them know that it’s your first class. Be sure to ask any questions and share any concerns you might have about the class. Also let the instructor know if you have any injuries and need any exercise modifications.

3. Listen to your body

Exercise at your own pace and take a break when you need it, regardless of what other people are doing.

4. Invite a friend

This will help you feel more comfortable in class, and hopefully increase your chances of going to the class again.

5. Stay positive

Focus on what you can do in class instead of what you can’t do.

Congratulate yourself on going to the class in the first place!

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