Top 5 tips for nutrition perfectionists

Top 5 tips for nutrition perfectionists

Be your own best friend and give yourself permission to be less than perfect.

1. Give yourself permission to be less than perfect.
There is no such thing as eating perfectly all week.

2. Know that tomorrow is a new day.
Just because you ate a piece of cake today doesn’t mean you’ve blown the day or the week.  You can’t change the past but you can certainly change your next food choice.

3. Focus on what you have done instead of what you haven’t done.
Congratulate yourself for eating only one piece of cake instead of two like you may have done in the past.

4. Remember this quote:
“Perfectionism doesn’t make you perfect. It makes you feel inadequate.”
–Maria Shriver

5. Be your own best friend.
What would you tell your best friend who was frustrated because she ate a piece of cake?

You’d probably say something like, “It’s ok. We all slip up sometimes.”. Tell yourself the same thing and make your next food choice healthier.

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