Top 5 tips for a healthy kitchen

Top 5 tips for a healthy kitchen

Make healthy food easy and visible.

1. Keep healthy food on the counter

  • Place fruits and veggies on the counter.
  • Remove unhealthy food from the counter (cookies, chips, candy, etc).

When you’re hungry, it’s common to grab the first thing you see. Be sure the first thing you see is healthy.

2. Clean your pantry

  • Place healthy food at eye level in the front row.
  • Move unhealthy food to the back row of a different shelf.
  • Throw away any food you will feel bad about eating.

3. Rearrange your refrigerator

  • Move fruits and vegetables from the crisper to the top shelf.
  • Hide unhealthy food in the crisper and out of sight.

4. Repackage food

  • Portion out food from large bags into smaller bags.
  • Store healthy food in clear containers.
  • Store unhealthy food in dark or non see-through containers.

5. Make healthy food easy

  • Pre-wash and pre-cut fruits and veggies.
  • Pre-package healthy snacks.

The easier something is to eat, the greater the chance of you eating it.

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