Top 5 rules for choosing food

Top 5 rules for choosing food

Here are 5 ways to think about choosing food:

1. Choose food closest to its original form.

For example:

  • Choose an apple instead of apple sauce or apple juice
  • Choose a potato instead of potato chips or french fries
2. Choose food grown by Mother Nature.

Generally, this is an easy way to choose foods higher in nutrients and lower in calories, fat, and added sugar.
How do I know if there is added sugar in my food?

“If it didn’t have a mother and it didn’t grow from the ground, don’t eat it.” ~Jillian Michaels
3.  Choose food that existed 100 years ago.

Today, much of our food is produced in factories. If the food you’re eating wasn’t around 100 years ago, chances are that is exactly where it was produced.

“Don’t eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.” ~Michael Pollan
4. Choose food with a short ingredient list.

In general, the shorter the ingredient list, the better it is for you and the fewer the preservatives, colorings, flavorings, and chemicals.

5. Choose food that doesn’t need a label.

Foods like fresh fruits and vegetables don’t need a food label or ingredient list in the first place because nothing has been added to them.
How do I read a food label?

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