Top 5 reasons you don’t eat healthy food

Top 5 reasons you don’t eat healthy food

Cost, temptation, boredom, availability, and time

A poll of 1,000+ women found the most common reasons for not eating healthy on a regular basis:

1. It’s too expensive

You think buying healthy food is too expensive.
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2. It’s hard

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re in social situations with friends.

3. Life is too short

You want to enjoy what you eat instead of stressing over it.

4. It’s hard to find

You have a hard time finding healthy options when you’re eating out at a restaurant.

5. You don’t have time

You don’t think you have time to cook healthy meals.

Other reasons:

  • Your family “doesn’t like” or “won’t eat” healthy food.
  • You think it’s too hard to change your habits.
  • You don’t think healthy food tastes as good as other options.
  • You don’t actually know which foods are healthier than others.
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