Top 5 reasons to warm up

Top 5 reasons to warm up

Gradually increase your breathing and heart rate and prepare for your workout.

1. Gradually increase heart rate

Your heart rate and blood pressure can increase gradually and safely instead of rapidly.

2. Gradually increase breathing

Your breathing increases gradually which can prevent you from getting out breath too quickly during your workout and becoming unable to maintain the exercise.

Oxygen is necessary to produce energy during aerobic exercise. Without oxygen, your workout won’t last very long.

3. Deliver oxygen and nutrients

Your body sends blood (which carries oxygen and nutrients) away from areas that don’t need it and to your muscles that do need it for exercise.

4. Reduce risk of injury

The temperature of your muscles, joints, and tissues increase, which allows them to move more easily and efficiently during exercise and through a greater range of motion.

5. Mentally prepare

You have time to get in the right mindset for the time, type, and intensity of exercise you are about to perform.

In general, a warm up prepares your body and mind for more intense exercise and allows you to safely maintain it.

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