Top 5 reasons to keep a food journal

Top 5 reasons to keep a food journal

Keep a food journal to lose more weight.

1.  Lose more weight

A recent study of 1,685 overweight and obese adults showed the more days a week they kept a food journal, the more weight they lost.

2.  Gain insight

You can gain valuable insight into your eating habits, where your calories are coming from, and why you may not be losing weight.

3.  Stay accountable

If you know you have to record what you eat, you may decide against that big piece of cake or other temptation.

4.  Track progress

You can look back at your food journal to see positive changes over time which can help you stay motivated.

5.  Show a professional

Your food journal is a great tool to show a nutrition, health or fitness professional for ideas and suggestions.

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