Top 5 reasons to ignore weight loss ads

Top 5 reasons to ignore weight loss ads

The only purpose of an ad is to get you to buy the product.

1.The #1 goal is to make a profit.

The only purpose of a weight loss ad is to convince you and others to buy a product so that the manufacturer can make a profit.

2. Claims do not have to be proven true

Marketers of weight loss supplements do not have to prove to you or anyone that the claims about the product are true.

3. Endorsers might not be who they say

Marketers do not have to prove to your or anyone that the experience and qualifications of anyone endorsing the product are accurate.

4. “Before and after” photos can be created in the same day

Many weight loss ads use “before and after” photos to sell their product.

5. There is always a disclaimer.

At the bottom of every ad, you’ll find a disclaimer. The most common disclaimer states that the results being promoted are not typical and/or the only way to achieve the results are with consistent exercise and nutrition changes.

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