Top 5 motivators to lose weight

Top 5 motivators to lose weight

Weight and health are top motivators to lose weight.

Members of the National Weight Control Registry who have lost an average of 72.6 lbs were motivated by one or more of the events listed below.

1. A health or medical event

  • Low back pain
  • Sleep apnea
  • A family member having a heart attack
  • A doctor telling you to lose weight
  • Other

2. Reaching an all-time high weight

3. Experiencing an emotional incident

  • Being called “fat”
  • A significant other leaving you
  • Other

4. Seeing yourself in a mirror or photograph

5. A life event

  • Wanting to look good for a 25th anniversary
  • An upcoming 40th birthday
  • Other
Other motivators:
  • Experiencing ongoing dissatisfaction with yourself
  • Being inspired by somebody else
  • Not fitting into your clothes
  • A weight loss program becoming available to you
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