Top 5 most accurate pedometers

Top 5 most accurate pedometers

Here are 5 pedometers with accurate step counts.

Based on a small study that compared 13 pedometers, the following five provided the most accurate step counts:

1. New-Lifestyles NL-2000 Accelerometer

Activity monitor that tracks steps and calories and includes a 7-day memory.

This is the best option if your stomach causes a pedometer to tilt out of an upright position when it’s on your waistband. Most pedometers are only accurate when kept upright (perpendicular to the floor).

This pedometer is called an accelerometer and uses a sensor that will accurately count your steps even if it’s tilted out of position.

2. Digi-Walker (SW-200)

Basic pedometer that shows steps and distance.

3. Digi-Walker (SW-701)

Basic pedometer that shows steps, distance, and calories.

4. Sportline 330 (SL330)

Basic pedometer that tracks steps.

5. Kenz Lifecorder

Sophisticated activity monitor that tracks steps, calories, intensity and time of your activity. Other features include a 7-day memory and downloadable 200-day memory.

Some of the other pedometers in this study underestimated steps by as much as 25% and others overestimated steps by as much as 45%!

Perform one of two tests to see if the pedometer you are wearing is accurate.

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