Top 5 factors that lead to giving up your weight loss efforts

Top 5 factors that lead to giving up your weight loss efforts

Punishing yourself and using negative thinking lead to giving up on weight loss.

1. Having a diminished belief in your ability to change, especially when faced with challenges.

2. Punishing yourself for unhealthy or negative behavior instead of rewarding yourself for healthy or positive behavior.

You are more likely to continue healthy behavior when you are rewarded for it. Nobody likes to be punished.

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3. Using pessimistic thinking patterns

An example of this is perfectionist thinking or “all or nothing” thinking. For example: You think that because you missed today’s workout, you have no motivation, will never lose weight, and have ruined the entire day or week.

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4. Paying attention to the wrong things

For example: Thinking about how unfair it is that a co-worker brings in doughnuts every morning, instead of thinking about how to cope with donuts and other tempting food at work.

5. Lack of consistent self-monitoring

Without consistent self-monitoring, it’s hard to learn about your behavior and its causes, consequences, and possible solutions. It’s also hard to catch slips early.

Other factors include:

  • Having a hard time coping with initial challenges and set backs.
  • Have a low initial commitment to change.
  • Failing to use effective habit changing techniques.
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