Top 5 considerations before joining a gym

Top 5 considerations before joining a gym

Consider the price, hours, convenience, and equipment before joining a gym.


  • How much is a membership?
  • What’s the difference in price between a monthly and yearly membership?
  • Does the membership price include services you’ll never use?
  • Do you have to pay extra for services you will use?
    Example: group exercise classes


  • When is the gym open on the days you plan to use it?
  • How busy is the gym at the time you plan to use it?
  • What times are group exercise classes offered?
  • What times are personal trainers available?


  • How far is the gym from your home or place of work?
  • How long will your commute be at the time you plan to use the gym?
  • Does the gym provide amenities if you plan to shower there?


  • What kind of equipment does the gym have?
  • Will somebody be available to show you how to use the equipment?
  • Is the equipment clean?


  • Have you joined a gym in the past?
  • If yes, did you use it regularly?
  • If you canceled your gym membership in the past, what was the reason?
  • What will be different this time?

It’s always a good idea to see if a gym offers a free trial pass for a day or week. That way you can try out the gym before commiting to a full membership.

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