Tips to eat less Halloween candy

Tips to eat less Halloween candy

Follow 10 tips to eat less candy and lose weight.

Halloween is a tempting time of year with candy around the house, office, and school. Here are 10 tips to help you eat less candy:

1. Set a candy limit

Set a realistic daily candy limit. For example, limit your candy to one, two, or three pieces a day. Choose an amount that is realistic yet challenging, and then set a SMART goal.

2. Research the amount of exercise to burn it off

Before you eat a piece of candy, find out how many calories are in it and how much exercise it will take to burn it off. On average, one fun-size candy bar has 80 calories.

  • Someone who weighs 150 lbs would have to walk about one mile to burn 80 calories.
  • Someone who weighs 300 lbs would have to walk approximately ½ mile.

Find out how many calories you burn walking or doing another type of exercise. Then ask yourself, “Is the fun-size candy bar worth the amount of exercise it will take to burn it off?

3. Buy candy you don’t like

If you get trick-or-treaters, purchase your least favorite type of candy to hand out. Hopefully this will make it less tempting to overindulge.

4. Choose wisely and eat slowly

Save your calories for your favorite candy. Choose the mini version if possible, eat slowly, and savor it.

5. Save your wrappers

Fill a glass jar or any other see-through container with the wrappers from all of the Halloween candy you eat, whether you’re at work, home, in the car, etc. Save each wrapper and continue to fill your jar, day by day and week by week.

Use this as a powerful visual of the amount of candy you’re putting into your body. Hopefully looking at this visual will help you say “no” to at least a few pieces of candy and limit your sugar intake.

6. Skip the post-Halloween sales

Say “no” to half price candy during post-Halloween sales. Just because you’re getting a deal doesn’t mean the candy is worth it.

The extra calories and sugar will have the same unwanted effect whether you’ve paid full or half price for the candy.

7. Learn to be okay with throwing candy away

Once trick-or-treating is over, throw the extra candy away! Whatever your reason for keeping it around is realistically just an excuse.

8. Keep it out of the office

Don’t bring your extra candy to the office or teacher’s lounge, and don’t keep it out for friends, family members or customers.

If you don’t want the candy at home as a constant temptation, other people probably don’t want it around them either.

9. Keep candy out of sight

Despite your best efforts, there will still be candy in your surroundings. Keep it out of your sight as much as possible.

  • Move candy jars away from you.
  • Move your kids’ Halloween bucket out of your sight.
  • Avoid certain breakrooms at work if possible.
  • Walk a different way at work to avoid the temptation.
  • Avoid the candy aisles at the store.

Just seeing candy laying around can lead to craving it. Follow some easy tips to conquer your cravings.

10. Freeze the leftovers

If you do decide to keep some Halloween candy around, keep it in the freezer. It will take more time to eat, giving you more time to think about what you are doing.

Calorie count for fun-size candy bars:

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