The truth about “before” and “after” photos

Don’t fall for “before” and “after” photos.

They are used in 42% of weight loss ads to convince you to buy a pill, supplement, or piece of exercise equipment that will produce “dramatic results”.

“Before” photo features:

  • Before photos are shot with poor lighting and low quality.
  • The subject has poor posture (hunched shoulders, stomach sticking out, etc.).
  • The subject has pale or washed out skin and looks unhappy.
  • He/she is unshaven, has messy hair and is not wearing any make-up

“After” photo features:

  • “After” photos are shot with flattering lighting and professional quality.
  • The subject has tall posture (shoulders back, head held high, stomach sucked in, etc.).
  • The subject is tan, often airbrushed, and is smiling.
  • He/she is clean shaven, and has professionally styled hair and make-up.

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Stephanie Averkamp

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