The healthiest cooking methods

The healthiest cooking methods

The following cooking methods can save you calories and fat.

Use these cooking methods when preparing meals at home. If you’re eating out at a restaurant, select items on the menu that have been cooked using one of these methods:


Cooking with dry heat, typically in an oven.
Example: baking chicken


Lightly browning food in a pan before cooking it in liquid.
Example: braising meat


Cooking food over direct heat.
Example: grilling vegetables in a grill pan


Cooking food under direct heat.
Example: broiling meat in your oven using a broiling pan


Gently simmering food in water, milk, or broth, etc.
Example: poaching eggs


Cooking food on a rack, in a roasting pan, or using a rotisserie.
Example: roasting meat


Cooking food in a pan or wok using a small amount of oil or butter.
Example: sauteing mushrooms


Heating food with steam from boiling water
Example: steaming vegetables


Cooking and constantly stirring food in a frying pan or wok using a small amount of oil.
Example: stir-frying chicken and vegetables

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