Step 3: Create a plan to achieve your goal


Create a plan

Planning is one of the most important steps to achieving any goal, yet most people skip it.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ~Larry Elder

Plan how you will achieve your BEST goal

Look at your BEST goal and plan how you will achieve it. Here are a few things to think about:

  • If you’ve tried achieving the same goal in the past, which parts worked?
  • What will you do differently this time?
  • What might work that you have never tried?
  • What resources or supplies do you need to achieve your goal?

If you haven’t tried making this change before, look at other areas of your life where you are successful. How can you implement some of the strategies that led to success in these areas (such as work)?

Resist the urge to skip this crucial step and spend at least 10 minutes planning out how you will achieve your goal.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Plan on making time to achieve your goal

One of the most common excuses for not achieving goals is not having time. Start thinking about how you will make time to achieve your goal.

  • What can you delete from your schedule or simply give up?
  • What can you delegate or put on the “back burner”?
  • Where can you spend your time more effectively?

Plan for Obstacles

Expect obstacles and plan for them. Make a list of the obstacles you might face this week that could get in the way of achieving your BEST goal within your one-week time frame. Then brainstorm potential solutions to overcome each potential obstacle.

Anticipate obstacles before you encounter them. Have a plan to respond instead of being thrown off track. Common weight loss challenges and solutions

“If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Unknown

Obstacles can be internal or external:

External obstacles

External obstacles occur around you. For example:

  • Sick kids or pets
  • Last minute meetings
  • Work deadlines
  • A co-worker bringing donuts to share at work
Internal obstacles

Internal obstacles come from inside you. For example:

  • Doubt
  • Fear
  • Negative thinking

Top 5 questions to ask when you’re mentally ‘beating yourself up’

“Our greatest battles are that with our own minds.” ~Jameson Frank

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