Five specific stages you will move back and forth between when intentionally changing any behavior.

Stage 1: Precontemplation

You have no desire to change your behavior. You may be tired or failing or you may not see any reason to change.

Stage 2: Contemplation

You are contemplating (thinking about) changing your behavior, but experiencing conflicting thoughts and feelings about it. You may want to change, but something (or more than one thing) is holding you back.

Stage 3: Preparation

In this stage, you preparing (planning) for changes you intend to make in the next 30 days.

Stage 4: Action

In this stage, you are actively making changes. For example, you’re exercising consistently at the gym.

Stage 5: Maintenance

In this stages, you are maintaining the changes you made in the action stage, and have been doing so for at least 6 months.

These 5 stages are part of the transtheoretical model, a model that explains how people change their behavior.

Related terms: Behavior modification

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