Why is it important to eat breakfast?

Why is it important to eat breakfast?

Eat breakfast to boost your metabolism and lose weight.

Lose weight!

More than 2,300 adults who have lost an average of 70 pounds eat breakfast daily. These adults are members of the National Weight Control Registry.

The 2,300 adults who ate breakfast were also more active compared to those who didn’t eat breakfast. Exercise is essential for permanent weight loss.

Get more energy!

Your body and brain need energy to function. Breakfast will provide you with the energy (in the form of calories) to carry out your morning activities.

Boost your Metabolism!

Eating breakfast will kick start your metabolism, while skipping meals can cause your metabolism to drop.

Prevent binging!

Eating breakfast will help you control your hunger starting first thing in the morning. The better controlled your hunger, the less likely you are to be “starving” around lunchtime and wanting to eat anything and everything in sight.


Your body needs a constant supply of energy to function efficiently and burn fat. It’s important to fill up your energy stores regularly with regular meals, especially in the morning after fasting overnight while sleeping. “Break the fast” by eating breakfast.

Get Nutrients!

You are more likely to get the daily recommended amount of vitamins and minerals (calcium, iron, etc.) if you eat breakfast instead of skipping it.

Many people tell me they’re not hungry in the morning or don’t have time for breakfast. If this sounds like you, start with something simple like a banana. Pretty soon, you’ll probably notice you start to feel hungry without it.

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