Advantages of watching The Biggest Loser

Advantages of watching <em>The Biggest Loser</em>

Watching The Biggest Loser might help you realize….

It’s never too late to lose weight

To date (2012), the oldest contestant on The Biggest Loser was 66 years old. Watching the show may help you realize it’s never too late to start losing weight.

You can lose weight on your own at home
  • Contestants who leave The Biggest Loser Ranch after the first week of the show have successfully lost weight at home.
  • Significant others and family members of Biggest Loser contestants have lost weight at home while their significant others/family members were losing weight at the ranch.
You can lose 100+ lbs

Instead of feeling hopeless, you might start to believe it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight.

If they can do it, you can do it!

You may identify with a contestant and their story and think, “If they can do it, I can do it!”

Support is essential to success

The Biggest Loser demonstrates how essential it is to have a strong support team for your weight loss journey.

Watching the show with friends and family may spark a conversation about ways to get healthy together and form your own support team.

It’s not easy

The show does not make weight loss easy or effortless like so many weight loss gimmicks lead you to believe. The Biggest Loser demonstrates that it takes hard work, dedication, and mental toughness to achieve weight loss. It also shows the importance of pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

The Biggest Loser can:

Inspire you to lose weight

The Biggest Loser show has inspired weight loss programs and competitions at companies and gyms throughout the county.

Motivate you to change your habits

In a Thomas Reuters Poll, adults who watch weight loss reality shows said the shows have influenced their eating and exercise habits.

  • 57% of viewers said the shows influenced their eating habits (72% of morbidly obese viewers were influenced).
  • 48% said the shows influenced their exercise habits (73% of morbidly obese viewers were influenced).

While there are advantages of watching The Biggest Loser, there are also disadvantages of watching the show.

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