How to remember to drink water

How to remember to drink water

Keep reminders to drink water on your phone and computer and at home.

Phone reminders

  • Set a phone alarm to sound or vibrate every hour.
  • Send yourself a voicemail or text message reminder.

Computer reminders

  • Schedule an appointment in your calendar to drink water.
  • Use a pop-up reminder on your computer.
  • Send yourself an e-mail reminder.

Personal reminders

  • Ask friends, family members, or co-workers to remind you.

Home reminders

  • Keep post-it note reminders where you’ll see them.

Keep water in sight

  • Keep a bottle of water in your purse or by your wallet or car keys.
  • Keep water in your desk drawer at work, on top of your TV at home, etc.
  • Keep a drinking glass in places you will see it.

Even with the best of intentions it is hard to remember to drink water once you get busy with your day. Reminders will be helpful until drinking water becomes a habit.

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