How to prevent holiday weight gain

How to prevent holiday weight gain

Plan ahead, browse before eating, eat slowly,  move, and stay positive!

The holiday season is filled with parties, socializing, food, and alcohol. Follow 5 tips to help prevent holiday weight gain:

1. Plan ahead

Plan ahead for the extra calories you will consume at holiday parties. Eat small, healthy snacks and use portion control during the day before your party to save calories for the food you really want to indulge in.

2. Browse before choosing

At any holiday gathering, look at all of your food options before deciding what you’ll serve yourself. Set a goal to have “open spaces” on your plate when you get to the end of the food table.

3. Slow down

Sit down, relax, eat slowly and enjoy the holiday food! This will increase your chances of eating smaller portions and feeling satisfied at the end of a meal instead of feeling guilty.

4. Add small bits of movement

Add movement to your daily activities to burn more calories. For example, add movement to your holiday shopping by:

  • Parking further away from the store’s entrance.
  • Walking one lap around the perimeter of the store before you start your shopping.
  • Taking your shopping cart back inside the grocery store instead of leaving it in the parking lot.

Every little bit of movement counts and it all adds up! You can burn 272-716 calories a week by adding one minute of movement to things you already do.

5. Stay positive!

The holidays are not about being perfect. They are about enjoying yourself without going overboard.

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