How to keep a food journal

How to keep a food journal

Record everything you eat and drink in your food journal.

Record everything you eat and drink in your food journal. Note as many details as possible including:


  • Who did you eat with?
    Examples: friends, family, co-workers



  • When did you eat?
    Examples: 12:30 pm, after stressful meeting


  • Where did you eat?
    Examples: office desk, break room, in front of the TV


  • Why did you eat?
    Examples: hungry, stressed, bored, don’t remember

Answering these 5 questions may give you some valuable insight into your eating habits. You may find that you eat:

  • more or less than you think.
  • certain foods in certain situations.
  • more with certain people or when feeling a certain way.

Although you may be tempted, don’t change your food intake just because you are writing it down. The purpose of a food journal is to get an accurate assessment of your current eating habits.

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