How to conquer a potluck

How to conquer a potluck

Follow 5 tips to prevent overeating at a potluck

Choose people over food.
  • Focus on the people and conversation at the potluck, instead of the food.
  • Start a conversation that is not about the food.
Move the conversation.
  • Take your conversation as far away from the food table as possible.
Eat before you go.
  • Eat a healthy snack and drink a large glass of water before you arrive at the potluck.

It will be easier to focus on the people and conversation when you’re not hungry.

Browse before choosing.
  • Look at all of your options and decide what you’ll eat before serving yourself.
  • Set a goal to have “open spaces” on your plate when you get to the end of the food table.
Bring a healthy dish.
  • Make a dish that you will feel good about eating.

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