How to bust any exercise excuse

How to bust any exercise excuse

Exercise for one minute and see if your excuse is valid.

1. Commit to exercising for just one minute!

Get out of bed, off the couch, or move away from your desk and start moving for just one minute.

No matter what your excuse for not wanting to exercise (too tired, too busy, too stressed, etc.), you can move for one minute.

2. After one minute is up…

Look back at your excuse for not wanting to exercise and determine if it’s true. Are you really too tired, too busy, or too stressed to exercise?

  • If Yes…go back to what you were doing.
  • If No…continue exercising, even if it’s just for another minute.

The hardest part of exercise is usually convincing yourself to start. Once you start, it’s much easier to continue.

One minute adds up! In my e-book 1-Minute Weight Loss, I show you how you can burn an extra 272-716 calories per week by adding one minute of movement to your daily activities.

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