How to add steps at work

How to add steps at work

Add steps to your work day to lose weight.

Here are a few easy ways to add more steps to your work day. Each step will move you closer to the recommended number of steps for weight loss.

  • Walk to a different floor to use the restroom or break room.
  • Schedule 5-10 minute walk breaks in your calendar or planner, just as you would a meeting.

Even a 1-minute walk break is better than no walk break. You can burn an extra 272-716 calories per week by adding one minute of movement to things you already do. (See: 1-Minute Weight Loss e-book)

  • Walk to a co-worker’s office or cubicle instead of calling or e-mailing them.
  • Schedule a ‘walk and talk’ break to catch up with a co-worker.
  • Schedule a walking meeting instead of sitting in a conference room.
  • March in place while listening to a conference call.
  • Walk around while waiting for a meeting to start or a conference room to clear out.

Brainstorm as many ways as possible to add movement to your day. Add extra steps to your regular daily activities, whether you’re at home, at work, running errands, or traveling.

In order to lose weight for good, its essential to increase your physical activity in five areas.

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