How to add steps at home

How to add steps at home

Add extra steps at home to lose weight.

Here are some easy ways to add more steps at home and move closer to the recommended number of steps to lose weight.

TV, computer, phone
  • March in place during the commercials of your favorite TV show.
  • When using your home computer, set a timer for every 25-30 minutes to remind you to get up and walk to the furthest part of your home and back (or anywhere else).
  • Pace around the room when talking on the phone.
  • Make several trips up the stairs or down the hall to put away laundry.
  • Put on some music and dance while cleaning, or dust, sweep, or vacuum more often.
  • Take extra trips back and forth from the kitchen to clear dishes from the table.
  • March in place or dance around while waiting for waiting for food to cook.
  • Walk your dog (or your neighbor’s dog) several times a day.
  • Take a lap around the block or around your house or apartment/condo complex before getting the mail.
  • Make multiple trips to and from the car when unloading packages.
  • If you have more than one bathroom, use the one furthest from where you are.

You may have heard these ideas before, but are you doing them? Brainstorm other creative ideas that will work for you! Add extra steps at work, when traveling, and when running errands.

You can burn an extra 272-716 calories per week by adding one minute of movement to things you already do. (See: 1-Minute Weight Loss e-book)

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