How much should I weigh?

How much should I weigh?

Use our goal weight calculator to find out.

The best way to establish a realistic goal weight is to use our Goal Weight Calculator because it takes into account your body fat percent (%).

Your journey to permanent weight loss isn’t just about losing weight; it’s about losing body fat.

To use our Goal Weight Calculator, you will need to know 3 numbers:

1. Your current weight
2. Your current body fat percent (%)

If you don’t know your body fat %, estimate it with one of the following calculators:

Men: Body Fat Percent (Men) Calculator

Women: Body Fat Percent (Women) Calculator

3. Your ideal body fat percent (%)

Use the average body fat % for your gender and age as your ideal body fat %

Age 20 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 49 50 – 59 60+
Avg Body Fat 22.1% 23.1% 26.4% 30.1% 30.9%


Age 20 – 29 30 – 39 40 – 49 50 – 59 60+
Avg Body Fat 15.9% 19% 21.1% 22.7% 23.5%

A healthy body fat percent for women is between 21% and 31%. A healthy body fat percent for men is between 14% and 24%.

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