How to wear a pedometer

How to wear a pedometer

Wear a pedometer on your waistband, in line with your knee.

Clip your pedometer to the waistband of your pants, shorts or skirt.

Proper placement

Wear your pedometer on either side of your body in line with:

  • the front of your hipbone.
  • the middle of your knee.

You may have to adjust its placement slightly depending on its accuracy. It’s important to know however, that most inexpensive pedometers (given away as free promotional tools) will not be accurate, regardless of their placement. Find an accurate pedometer.

Proper position

Place your pedometer in an upright position (perpendicular to the floor).

If your stomach causes the pedometer to tilt out of an upright position when it’s on your waistband, it won’t be accurate. How to lose belly fat.

Safety strap

If your pedometer comes with a safety strap, attach it to your pedometer and clip it to your waistband. This will hopefully prevent it from dropping and getting damaged or lost (or falling in the toilet).

Once your pedometer is in the right place and position, start moving! Track your steps to see how active you are; then set goals to increase your steps.

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