How to use “% Daily Value” on a food label

Percent daily value
Use the % daily value as a guide to determine if there is a low or high amount of a particular nutrient in one serving of the product.

Low = 5% or less
High = 20% or more

For example:

One serving of this product provides 30% of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat. This is a high amount of saturated fat.

This product is high in saturated fat and borderline high in fat.

This product is low in: cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

Choose foods that are low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Choose foods that are high in fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

If you eat something that is high in fat, cholesterol, or sodium at lunch, select a product that is lower in these nutrients for your next snack or meal.

Anytime you eat more than one serving of a product, multiply the % Daily Value by the number of servings you eat:

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

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