How to take the 1 mile walk test

How to take the 1 mile walk test

Follow 4 steps to take the 1 mile walk test.

1. Gather your supplies.

You will need a:

  • Stopwatch
  • Pencil/pen and paper
  • Heart rate monitor (optional)
  • 1 mile (flat) measured distance

Ideally, use an indoor or outdoor track found at a local school. However, you can also use a treadmill or another flat surface outside.

2. Walk 1 mile as fast as you can.

Start your stopwatch and walk one mile as fast as you can.

Walk as though you were late for an extremely important meeting, but do not break into a run.

3. Record your time.

At the end of 1 mile, stop your stopwatch and record the time (in minutes and seconds) it took you to complete it.

4. Record your heart rate.

If you’re wearing a heart rate monitor:

  • Track your average HR for the last ¼ mile of your walk.
  • Record your answer.

If you’re not wearing a heart rate monitor:

  • Take your pulse for 15 seconds immediately after completing your walk.
  • Multiply this number by 4 to get your answer in beats per minute.
  • Record your answer.

This test is called the Rockport 1-Mile Walk test. The results are commonly used to estimate your aerobic fitness.

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