How to take your resting heart rate

How to take your resting heart rate

Find your pulse and count the beats first thing in the morning.

Take your resting heart rate (pulse) first thing in the morning before you get out of bed.

To increase the accuracy of your resting heart rate, take your heart rate on 3-5 consecutive mornings and use the average.

1. Find your pulse in one of two places:
  • Over your Radial Artery

Place your index and middle finger of one hand on the wrist of the opposite hand about ½ inch below the base of your thumb. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.

  • Over your Carotid Artery

Place your index and middle finger on the side of your neck directly under your jaw bone. Press lightly until you feel a pulse.

2. Count the number of beats in 15 seconds

Use a stop watch or clock and count the number of beats you feel in 15 seconds.

Start the time on the first beat you feel and count that beat as 0.

3.Multiply by 4

Multiply the number of beats you felt by 4. This will give you your resting heart rate in
beats per minute.

CAUTION: Medication for heart conditions, cholesterol, high blood pressure, anxiety, and other conditions may alter your heart rate. Check with your doctor to see if your true resting heart rate is being masked by your medication.

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