How to estimate your resting metabolism

How to estimate your resting metabolism

Use our resting metabolism calculator.

1. Use a calculator:

2. Calculate by hand:

Use the following equation (called the Mifflin equation) to estimate your resting metabolism. This equation is slightly different for men and women:


(10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) – (5 x age) + 5 = estimated resting metabolism


(10 x weight) + (6.25 x height) – (5 x age) – 161 = estimated resting metabolism

To use this equation, you will need to know your:
  • Weight in kilograms (kg)
    Divide your weight in pounds (lbs) by 2.2
  • Height in centimeters (cm)
    Multiply your height in inches (in) by 2.54
  • Age

This equation has been shown to be the most accurate for US adults (18–65 years old) with a BMI (body mass index) between 25 and 40.

Validity of predictive equations for resting energy expenditure in US and Dutch overweight and obese class I and II adults aged 18–65 years. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Oct 2008; 88: 959 – 970.

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