How Americans try to lose weight

How Americans try to lose weight

13 methods Americans use to “try and lose weight”:

According to the Calorie Control Council National Consumer Survey (2010), 54% of Americans are “trying to lose weight”. Here are the methods they use:

86% limit foods that are high in sugar

85% eat smaller portions of their favorite foods

78% eat low-calorie, reduced sugar, and/or sugar free foods and beverages

In 2010, Americans spent $26 billion on diet soft drinks, artificial sweeteners, and low calorie/diet foods.

The most popular low calorie and sugar-free products are diet soft drinks, sugar free/light non-carbonated soft drinks, sugar-free gum, sugar substitutes, reduced sugar frozen desserts, ice cream and frozen yogurt.

73% eat fewer calories and get more exercise

64% exercise 3 days a week for 45 minutes

44% count their calories

Keeping a detailed record of the food and beverages you consume can help you lose weight:

37% chew gum to lose weight

Chewing gum is a great way to keep your mouth busy and distract yourself from cravings.

17% use online weight loss tools and 17% skip meals to lose weight

13% use diet pills

8% follow a restrictive diet and 8% join weight control programs

7% use an online weight loss program

The best way to lose weight is to make small, healthy changes to your lifestyle one at a time until they become a permanent part of your lifestyle. Permanent changes to your lifestyle will result in permanent weight loss. Our approach to weight loss

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