Easy tips to start or continue your exercise for weight loss

Easy tips to start or continue your exercise for weight loss

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Use a pedometer to track your steps

Buy a pedometer to track your steps during the day. Then set goals to increase your steps.

Add movement to things you already do

Add extra steps at work and at home. Every little bit counts!

You can burn an extra 272-716 calories per week by adding one minute of movement to things you already do. (See: 1-Minute Weight Loss e-book)

Walk one (or one more) mile a day

Add one mile to your day and burn an extra 90-240 calories.

Exercise in 10-minute segments

If you don’t have time for 30-60 minutes of continuous exercise, exercise for 10 minutes, 3-6 different times throughout the day.

Shorter periods of aerobic exercise have been shown to be just as effective in producing fitness and weight loss results when compared to long periods of exercise of the same total duration.

Follow a 20% increase

Increase your exercise by up to 20% each week.

Gradually increase your exercise to help prevent sore muscles, discomfort, injury, and burnout.

Start with 15 minutes:

Start with 15 minutes of exercise a day, 3 days a week. This is Step #1 (of 6 steps) to increase your exercise for weight loss.

If you’re unable to exercise continuously for 15 minutes, start with 5 minutes and gradually increase your time.

Start strength training

Strength train to maximize your fat loss. See our exercise videos.


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