Do toning shoes actually work?

Do toning shoes actually work?

No…not any more than regular walking shoes.

On average, you’ll burn the same number of calories whether you’re wearing:

  • Skechers Shape-Ups
  • Reebok EasyTone shoes
  • MBT shoes
  • Regular running shoes

If you’re losing weight and feeling ‘toned’ after walking in ‘toning’ shoes, it’s probably because you’re actually walking and not because of the shoes.

In a recent study…

Exercise scientists at the UW-La Crosse, compared toning shoes to running shoes.

  • Women burned the same number of calories per minute (within 0.2 calories) walking at different speeds and inclines, regardless of the shoe.
  • There wasn’t any significant difference in the muscle activity of their thighs, butt, calves, back, or abs when wearing toning shoes compared to regular running shoes.

John Parcari, Ph.D., John Greany, Ph.D., Stephanie Tepper, M.S., Brian Edmonson, B.S., and Carl Foster, Ph.D., with Mark Anders. Will toning shoes really give you a better body?

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