Can losing weight help my asthma?

Can losing weight help my asthma?

Yes! Losing weight can help your asthma.

Weight loss can reduce asthma symptoms.

Losing weight can reduce asthma symptoms such as difficulty breathing, wheezing, and experiencing shortness of breath.

Dr. Anna Feldweg from Ask Dr. Anna Feldweg, notes that she has seen breathing improve in people who lose 15 to 20 pounds.

Weight loss can take pressure off your lungs.

Losing weight can take pressure off of your lungs because there will be less weight/fat pressing against your chest.

Extra weight you are currently carrying, especially in your upper body, can compress your lungs and narrow your airways. This can limit the amount of air you can breathe in.

Exercise can strengthen breathing muscles.

Exercise and strength training to lose weight can help build stronger muscles. Stronger chest and breathing muscles can perform better, and work more efficiently.

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