Can I lose weight if my parents are overweight?

Can I lose weight if my parents are overweight?

Yes! You can lose weight if your parents are overweight.

Approximately 3,000 adults who have lost an average of 72.6 lbs and kept it off for more than five years have one or two parents who are obese.

These are members of the National Weight Control Registry:

  • 46% of members have one biological parent who is overweight.
  • 27% of members came from a family where both biological parents were overweight.

What does overweight mean?

Overweight is generally defined by your Body Mass Index (BMI).

How they lost weight

Members lost weight and kept it off by:

Find out more about how they kept the weight off, what motivated them to lose weight, and the benefits they’re experiencing from losing weight.

Don’t give up!

Studies published by the NWCR have proved that you can still lose weight, even if:

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